Established in 1969, CEP was founded by Professor Jack Masquelier to authenticate and commercialize his original OPC extracts. After a lifetime of exploring their huge health benefits, Professor Masquelier partnered with Bert Schwitters for a decade to secure his legacy in its purest form.

Today, under the leadership of Bert's son Pim, CEP remains dedicated to honoring and advancing Professor Masquelier's groundbreaking work. With a visionary board of directors and a passionate team of skilled experts, we specialise in creating potent, nature-powered health solutions that cater to the unique needs of the global health and wellness sectors. 

As a trusted formulation partner, driven by our belief in the importance of a healthy microvascular system for overall well-being, our goal is to achieve the perfect product-market fit, promoting healthy living and delivering tangible value that exceed your customers' expectations.

Our value proposition

CEP is here to bring health and wellness to people’s lives by providing care with a vascular core. Our bespoke health solutions are centred on MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs, potent phytonutrients with a 75-year track record of benefitting the microvascular system. Inspired by Professor Masquelier’s pioneering breakthroughs and recognising the crucial role of a healthy vascular system for overall well-being, we develop holistic OPC centred health formulas that harness the synergistic power of carefully selected ingredients. Our goal is to positively impact diverse aspects of human health and wellness, ultimately delivering greater value to your customers.

Our purpose and aspiration

By leveraging Professor Masquelier’s life’s work and our genuine belief in the health benefits of an optimally functioning microvascular system, we offer purposeful OPC centred health solutions that create real customer value. We aspire to align with this goal by providing bespoke support to our global partners, empowering them to exceed customer expectations and achieve remarkable results.

We are dedicated to preserving Professor Masquelier's legacy with curiosity, agility and passion. At CEP, our approach combines empirical research and a holistic mindset to drive innovation.

Renowned scientist and founder of CEP, Jack Masquelier made history in 1948 by successfully isolating OPCs from nature. His groundbreaking work unlocked their exceptional nutritional qualities, fuelling a his lifelong dedication to uncovering and promoting their many health benefits.

Our culture

At CEP, we adopt a proactive approach to everything we do. Authenticity and trustworthiness form the bedrock of our operations, allowing us to maintain a steadfast delivery mindset. At our core lies a strong foundation of empirical science, guiding us on every step of the way. But above all at CEP, we prioritise people, ensuring that everyone is rightly positioned to thrive. Our team comprises specialists from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, coming together with the shared purpose of making a meaningful impact.

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