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Professor Jack Masquelier

Meet Professor Jack Masquelier, a true pioneer in phytonutrient research. In 1948, he made a groundbreaking discovery when he extracted and isolated unique natural components that positively affect the microvascular system.

Throughout his professional career, he dedicated himself to refining his processes and developing new applications for his OPC compositions.


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What set professor Masquelier apart is his longlife commitment to scientific progress

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and dedicated to ensuring the quality and purity of his extracts, he prioritised rigorous testing to secure identical products from the same source. As a result, consumers all over the world can be as confident today as always that they are getting the real deal - MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs with veritable health benefits.

In 1969, professor Masquelier established CEP, a company dedicated to commercialising and authenticating his original extracts. Using his name and signature as a trademark, MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs continue to this day to be widely recognised for their valuable support of capillary health.

Jack Masquelier passed away in 2009, leaving a remarkable legacy in his wake. At CEP Health we carry forward the professor’s life’s work by diligently researching, producing, analysing and monitoring his original compositions while also exploring and developing new formulations. At the core of all CEP operations lies an enduring commitment to science, mirroring Masquelier’s own unwavering dedication. Our goal is to provide consumers with genuine health benefits by ensuring they can access the authentic formulations that embody the professor’s remarkable discoveries.