At CEP Health we believe in solutions that work. That’s why we specialise in creating potent health formulations rooted in more than 75 years of science. 

Building on the legacy of Professor Jack Masquelier, and using his original extracts as the basis for our operations, we offer ready-to-go formulas, as well as the opportunity to create unique OPC-centric health solutions for your brand. Whatever your needs, we have both the experience and the scientific expertise to transform your ambitions into reality.

More than a developer of OPC-centric health solutions, we are true partners in well-care.

Focusing on care with a vascular core, we break boundaries to vitalise your customers and shape your business success. Our partnership exceeds the conventional B2B relationship; it’s founded on shared visions and ambitions. Trusting in each other’s expertise, we cultivate mutual and meaningful growth over time.

Whether it’s creating bespoke health solutions or maintaining the highest levels of service, our hands-on approach is the foundation of our shared success. Committed to lasting relationships, we focus on mutual growth over time. Simply put, we are more than just partners. We understand the market and your customers' needs; we know how to create a perfect product-market fit, and we’re with you all the way.

Trust us to be your ally as we shape the future of wellness together, one outstanding solution at a time.

Unlock the potential of care with a vascular core and let’s shape the future of wellness together. Start your journey by filling out our contactform today.